A New Way to Business Development

In JoinForces we like to define ourselves as business developers, and we want to help make your business keep being more successful every day, joining forces with yours, based on 3 integrated key elements:

Through our outsourcing focus, we work in the day to day tasks as well as in strategic projects and plans as a member of your team with an executive and pragmatic approach.

Because we believe that this is the unique way to connect and astound clients and customers, focusing the organization on its key and priority opportunities.

Our motto “Prime Value Partners” explains the way we work with our clients: we become almost an integral part of their organization, building a very operational partnership, in the daily work, in each meeting, and in each decision.

In the case you want to know us better, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to visit you in your offices and be able to personally present you JoinForces.

"We ally, unite and associate with our clients"
Jorge Llamosas
Jorge Llamosas
CEO and Founding Partner

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