Q.- Are you an agency? Are you consultancy?

A.- We are not and agency nor consultancy. We are an innovative professional services firm, which responds to a new concept that we want to implement in Spain, although in Anglo countries is not such a new concept. We like to define ourselves as business developers, in the sense that our aim is to help our customers to have better business results.


Q.- What differentiates you from an agency?

A.- Agencies often have a clear technical or functional specialization area. E.g. creative agency, digital agency, promotional agency, media agency, advertising agency and communication agency. In JoinForces we are not technical specialists nor functional. We are business managers and our projects are based on a comprehensive and strategic vision of our clients and are operationally developed, in such areas where our clients have more business development, Marketing and Sales generally.

In fact, in most cases we become another supplier for our clients, and we work with their existing agencies.

In addition, our professional partners and project leaders team have always been executives and managers, ie business managers, having previously worked on the client side, not as an agency executive.


Q.-  What are the advantages working with JoinForces in outsourcing?

A.- The main advantage lay having a team at your disposal, focused on those specific issues that otherwise might not get ahead, allowing the rest of your team be focused on the activities under consideration.

Also, having a team in outsourcing allows you to have an expert and external view that helps to significantly accelerate the outcome of the work performed.

Finally, it is a cost that can be varied depending on the needs of each moment.


Q.- How are the services invoiced?

A.- It depends from the type of service concerned. If it is an outsourcing project it would be used to pay a fixed monthly fee and a variable amount depending on the targets achieved.

If it is an ad-hoc project, the most common way is invoice 33% when it starts, another 33% when it is half way done and the remaining 34% when it is completed.


Q.- Do you have your own methodology?

A.- Yes and no.

Yes, because over many years of managerial experience and implementation of so many projects, we have managed to define and implement an own methodology and approach, so that almost any type of project can be approached by this methodology.

And no, because for many similarities or similar to previous cases, each case we face requires differential aspects of our professionals requiring a different and innovative approach, adapted to the peculiarities of the project.

Where is a fairly structured and solid systematic is the way we interact with the client and his team, the “wave” in which we connect to the client’s organization.  So that from a methodological point of view, operational and personal, we can say that we have a proper imprint that our customers recognize.


Q.- What is the partner’s role in the projects?

A.- Partner has the ultimate responsibility for the entire project. But it is partner that goes with the client to ALL key meetings. And there is no single presentation or document that the partner had not monitored or processed directly. No decision may be taken or recommended on a project except by the project partner. The project leader is 100% focused, day to day, on operational project, but always in close collaboration with partner thereof.

We usually say that even a JoinForces’ presentation (PowerPoint Presentation) is incomplete without the presence of the partner that prepared it.


Q.- Who is your interlocutor?

A.- Partner usually dialogue with the client, depending on the type of project concerned, with the Manager Director as well as with the Sales and Marketing Director. From an operational point of view, a JoinForces’ partner also has direct contact with all necessary client’s team, whether executives, managers and even operators. The project leader of JoinForces has dialogue with all those who somehow are Sales and Marketing natural contact.


Q.- How long those projects usually take?

A.- Although each project is in itself a different reality, experience shows us that there are some general guidelines. Namely:

  • In ad-hoc projects, most projects have a minimum 3 months period and a maximum 6 months period. However, in some projects, very broad in scope, we have gone beyond 6 months, even reaching in some case nine months.
  • In outsourcing project it is normal to have a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 12 months, tacitly renewable for 12 months if there is no complaint from any party. In cases of outsourcing the minimum of 6 months always occur, because the contract or agreement already collected this is the minimum term of agreement beyond which either party may terminate the contract with three months’ notice.


Q.- Why is there a minimum of six months in the case of outsourcing projects?

A.- Because it is type of service that emerged with the vocation of lasting over the time, and during the first 6 months there is a real workload, plan definition and implementation, while the monthly fee is the same, so the aim is to have enough time to  implement actions that could not be otherwise started with a shorter period of time.


Q.- Do you have variable remuneration?

A.- JoinForces fees always have a variable part, subject to objectives fulfillment and as a complement to our fixed fee. In other words, in addition to our fixed fee, depending on the agreement we reach with a client, an additional chargeable amount is set only if the client’s business objectives are met within the agreement timetable.