Profil_Nuno Alonso

Nuño Alonso

Counselor Partner

With more than 30 years of professional experience in the marketing and development of new business scope, he has developed his activity in companies such as Mars, Heineken, Osborne, Caballero y Consorcio de Jabugo among others.
He has led strategic projects such as new drinks launches and business units in Spain, being an expert in creating and developing consumer brands in general and alcohol drinks in particular. He is currently leading the brand marketing for Ponche Caballero, Ron Contrabando, Ginebra Premium Phiht, Licores Bruja Bella and Lustau, La Ina and Viña Herminia wines, among others. At the same time he is a marketing consultant for the iberian products 10 Vetas and Capa Negra of Grupo Consorcio de Jabugo, Quesos Canal and Cavas Roger Goulart.
Emotional intelligence, expertise, demanding, critical thinking, creativity and accuracy define him.