Our Services

From strategy to implementation and monitoring, we conducted testable and measurable improvements, assuring operational integration and alignment of all departments involved.
Our services are structured around six areas in which we have extensive managerial and executive experience, both working with our clients and advising companies:
“JoinForces offers high value-added services, focused on developing business for our clients through the integration of Strategy, Marketing and Business Development”

All our projects are framed into one of the two following typologies:

Outsourcing projects
We assign a team to the project. Wide range of roles, responsibilities and tasks. Extensive duration in time, from a minimum of 6 months to 1 year. Facto functioning as a member of the client company, with its meetings, priorities, agendas, etc..
Ad-hoc projects
Projects with timing, methodology, scope and approach very “closed”. Working on a specific customer need. Proposal delimited on objectives, scope, timing and team. Punctual projects, lasting between 2 and 4 months. Some complex and powerful projects could require up to a period of 9 months.
"In JoinForces, we adapt to your specific needs and goals, so we offer a variety of services to enhance your business"
Marta Buesa
Marta Buesa
Senior Project Leader