The Management Outsourcing is an increasingly more evident reality, especially in Anglo Markets, and also every day in Spain. The value proposal is simple to understand and implement for our clients: a Partner of JoinForces is a strategic and operational advisor for your organization.

With this kind of strategic and operative outsourcing our clients incorporate to their Board of Directors, professionals of extensive experience, able to integrate business strategy and vision with an operational implementation.

The Executive Counselor and Director of JoinForces join in every needed committee, both in the business strategic review and operational performance over the short term. We offer the following profiles of directors:

  • General Management Outsourcing
  • Marketing Management Outsourcing
  • Brand Manager and Product Manager Outsourcing
  • Interim Management

In the case you desire more information, we will be pleased to meet you and present with more detail the scope of our External Counselors and Executive Director services.